Hi, Dr. Richards:

I have a question about something that is mentioned on the therapy series, "Slow Talk".  I have been working on it and it seems to be helping.

I had a question about it though.  "Slow Talk" seems very helpful.

Is "Slow Talk" something that could be helpful to anyone? 

If they have social anxiety or not?




Yes.  Good public speakers (who do not have SA) use "slow talk"

whenever they need to.  They may not need to use it to control anxiety (like we do), but they use it to keep going on calmly, to sound professional, and to make sure they are understood by their audience.

You will notice the newscasters on television will begin to slow things down at certain points to grab your attention.  This is a very effective method for everyone to use (parents should use it with their children, for example), but it is much more practical and effective for those of us with social anxiety as it can reduce our anxiety while we are in public, social situations and talking to other people. 

It does many, many other life-changing things as well, especially in helping us to get the cognitive methods, concepts, and strategies down into our brains better and more calmly ... so that they will start to work automatically.