Dr. Richards,

After years of putting off purchasing the Overcoming Social Anxiety Audio Series, I finally did it. About 7 weeks ago. I remain hopeful.

But this email is to share a positive and enlightening experience I recently had.

I walked into a store to buy a MegaMillions ticket. The guy working the register was probably around 22 years old.  I am 36.

I said:  I'd like two MegaMillions tickets.

He just stared at me.

I said in a slightly squeaky voice due to discomfort:  Cash option please.

He said:  You have AMAZING eyes.

I felt myself turn red but I smiled and said:  Wow, thank you.

He said:  Anytime. (And gave me a grin.)

Aside from making me uncomfortable (anxious), that compliment made me feel so good. I smiled from ear to ear for the next two hours.

My point?

Sometimes people are looking at us because they think we are attractive - not because they think we are freaks.


Jocelyn, Houston