Dr. Richards,

We have a group of 7 in Maryland , we meet Saturdays and have been following your tape series. We are now on tape 15 and we have all experienced significant improvement.

When we began all of us felt somewhat inhibited to talk but then slowly progressed to reading in slow talk and sharing more and more about ourselves with casual small talk.

Today after 15 weeks we are now acting out parts from the Wizard of Oz, singing, laughing, and having a fun time.

We plan to repeat the tape series while continuing our CBT.

There are 65 people listed in your membership for Maryland yet we only know of about 10.  I don't understand why we haven't heard from more people. We would like very much to expand our community and welcome new people. If you live in Maryland and would like a safe place to come and learn how to overcome SAD please contact me.

You're welcome to just come and observe , no introduction or participation necessary... If you're in another group nearby and are ready to have a "social" so are we.

Lets plan an event together and share our new found lives.

R. K.