Top 5 List of

Benefits of Behavioral Therapy

5. We learn to ACT on the world, rather than being passive toward it

We no longer passively react to life, like we've done all our lives.  Now, we take the initiative and act on life.  We learn to do it in a consistent, systematic manner, so that anxiety is reduced.

4. Behavioral changes brain physiology 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy changes the neural pathway associations in the brain.  This changes how we feel about ourselves and the world around us -- permanently.  The brain changes AFTER we take action.  Once we take  behavioral steps forward, we begin to change our neural pathways systems and brain chemistry.  Brain imaging technology prove that the human brain changes as a result of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

3. We are energized to keep moving forward

Acting against our fears in a step-by-step fashion, with cognitive help and support, helps us to  build and keep momentum.

2. Progress against social anxiety occurs faster

With the right cognitive framework, we are able to be rational about our progress, so we can move ahead with our behavioral experiments, rather than having setbacks and dwelling in the old thoughts and feelings from the past.    This keeps us moving forward and prevents depression.

1. We no longer avoid events.  Anxiety no longer restricts what we do in life.

Behavioral therapy changes how we act.  Instead of avoiding situations and other people, we learn to feel comfortable and confident, because we took  action.  A small step against avoidance allows us to feel more comfortable in  situations.  Our calmness in one situation has the effect of "spreading over" into other anxiety-provoking situations.

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