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What is Social Anxiety?
Social Anxiety Test:  Do I Have Social Anxiety?
What is it like to live with Social Anxiety?
More Information about Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety, Chemical Imbalances, and Neural Pathways in the Brain
Blushing: A Symptom of Social Anxiety
Comprehensive CBT for Social Anxiety
DSM-IV-R Definition of Social Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety: The Least Understood Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety: Why Isn't It Better Known?
Differences between Social Anxiety and Panic Disorder
Differences between Social Anxiety and Asperger's Syndrome
Social Anxiety and Dysmorphias
Social Anxiety and Misdiagnosis
The Problem with Using the Terminology "Panic" for Social Anxiety Disorder
Why We Prefer "Social Anxiety" to "Social Phobia"
Being Myself: Self-Statements for Social Anxiety
Avoidance: Our Worst Enemy
Behavioral Therapy Activities
Procrastination: Wasting Our Time and Increasing Our Anxiety
Questions to Ask Therapists About Social Anxiety
Therapy: Taking the Initiative and Being Proactive
Why Behavioral Therapy Alone Does Not Work For Social Anxiety
Why CBT Works
Why it is Important to be Calm when Doing Therapy
Laughter: He Who Laughs Most is Most Likely to Last
Learning to Rid Ourselves of the Anxiety Monster
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Breaking the Cycle
My Garden
Rational Anxiety Statements
How My Life Has Changed: Before & After Stories
Life Histories
Participant Comments from San Diego Social Anxiety Conference 
Work on Your Therapy When You Are Calm and in a "Good Mood"
Personal Experiences in Overcoming Social Anxiety
Using Behavioral Techniques to Find the Truth
Changing Our Thinking Habits
An Education for One: My Struggle with Social Anxiety
Focus Externally
Take It Slow and Stead
Visiting The Local Group
How I Started A CBT Group
What Goes On in the 3 Week Group?
Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment
Success Stories
Social Anxiety: Books
Social Anxiety News
Welcome from Dr. Thomas A. Richards
A Personal Note to People with Social Anxiety
About Dr. Thomas A. Richards
Help and Support for the Audio Series
Moving to San Diego
Jake’s International Group Story
Anxiety is a Liar
You Are Not Inferior to Others
One Small Step Today Leads to a Big Step for the Future
The Power of Your Thoughts
Perceptions of Social Anxiety
Proactivity Report
Don't Let Emotions Overpower You
Social Anxiety and "Brainwashing"
Spreading the News about Social Anxiety
Permanent Changes in the Brain and Rational Credit
Negative Emotions Are Traps
Setbacks Are a Part of Progress
Being Proactive During the Week is a Part of Getting Better
Social Anxiety Group Dates
Beating Myself Up
Step by Step Progress
Acting Assertively
Social Anxiety Disorder is not Shyness
When Do You Have The Right To Beat Yourself Up?
Social Anxiety News
Jenn’s International Group Story
Matt’s International Group Story
History of the Audio Series "Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step"
Feedback: the "Overcoming Social Anxiety" series
International Social Anxiety Therapy Group
Local Therapy Groups
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Dave's Story
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Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

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