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Active structured cognitive-behavioral therapy groups run all-year long at the Social Anxiety Institute.  Local groups and international groups operate continuously.   The therapy series is available for people who cannot make it to SAI, and has been highly successful.  Being in an actual group at SAI is the treatment choice, if possible.

Online Therapy

Comprehensive cognitive-behavioral therapy in audio and video format, and a friendly, constantly evolving community.

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Phoenix Therapy Groups

All-day Saturday therapy group, with activities throughout the week

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International Group

Active, strucured 3 week therapy for people around the world

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The Social Anxiety Institute was the first psychological institution in the world to treat social anxiety -- only.   The Institute Director, Dr. Thomas A. Richards, has specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder since the early 1990s, and the Social Anxiety Institute has had many thousands of patients.  Dr. Richards suffered from social anxiety himself until he was about 40, and is one of the world's leading clinical authorities on the subject.

The treatment programs at the Social Anxiety Institute all use cognitive-behavioral therapy, because this has been shown by countless research studies to be the therapy of choice.  The Social Anxiety Institute uses active, structured cognitive-behavioral therapy with an emphasis on acceptance, peace, and calmness.  Overcoming social anxiety involves using paradoxical techniques, so the therapy is counterintuitive in nature.  This explains why people do not get over social anxiety disorder on their own.   Anxiety goes away as we learn to respond to it with our positive emotions, such as calmness, peace, humor, relaxation, and acceptance.  Anxiety is made worse by our negative emotions, such as frustration, fear, depression, agitation, and irritation.  We learn never to get angry with anxiety, because anger makes our anxiety stronger and only feeds and fuels the fire.