International Group


A tentative international therapy group has been blocked off for 3 weeks in June 2018.   At present, we are gauging interest in the group's operation.   Dates are not set in stone yet, but would begin in early June to give college students a chance to participate during the summer months.  Because we do not personally know group members who may be applying, we cannot issue letters or sign documents for foreign governmens attesting to anything.   Although the Social Anxiety Institute has hosted people from around the world in the past, we may be more limited in 2018 because of current governmental laws and regulations.

Please read over the program guidelines and notice that we want to hit the ground running on the very first day.  This means you have a thorough understanding of the basic ideas, concepts, and usage of the therapy strategies taught in the series "Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step".   Social anxiety CAN be overcome, and if you are motivated and persistent, you will be able to do it.   

(Thank you for all the interest in the "International three-week therapy program" here at the Social Anxiety Institute.  We first began these groups -- with apprehension-- in 1998, and with the arrival of the cognitive therapy that can be done BEFORE you come to the group, this international group program has proven successful in helping people overcome social anxiety.  Please note:  The cognitive therapy must, in its entirety, be done BEFORE you come to the international group.)

 The 3-week Intensive CBT Program is an active, structured treatment program run by psychologist Dr. Thomas A. Richards for people with social anxiety disorder.  The group consists of 6 to 8 members who are motivated and ready to overcome social anxiety.  Knowing, understanding and using the cognitive methods and strategies in the audio therapy series, Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step, before coming to the program is essential.

"If it weren’t for attending this international group, I don’t think I would have been able to get to the point I am at today."  - Jake

In this 3-Week, all day therapy program, you will work on the behavioral components of reducing anxiety in different, practical (real-life) situations.  As with all therapy at the Social Anxiety Institute, you will slowly and gently work your way up to reducing anxiety in practical situations.  You are not forced or coerced into doing anything.  There will be no surprises with any of this.  To get a thorough idea of what goes on in this 3-week intensive group, read Trevor Mason's experience.

Remember, this is a 6-day per week program for 3 weeks, 7 hours a day at the SAI house with Dr. Richards, and evenings spent socially and behaviorally with your group members. Both the daily and nightly activities are essential to the program and will benefit you on your path of overcoming social anxiety.

People from all over the world have attended these 3-Week “international” Programs.  In addition to people coming from different parts of the USA, we have had participants from Germany, Syria, England, Poland, Turkey, Ireland, Nepal, Spain, Antigua, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Luxembourg, India, Iran, South Korea, Croatia, and the UAE.

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