International Group


NOTE:  No international group will be held in 2018.   Please do not submit applications.   There is a complete lack of psychologists/therapists who understand social anxiety disorder and who can help Dr. Richards with the running of this group.   Until we can find a social anxiety therapist, no group can be considered.   

Program Costs

This section is out-of-date and was used during the last international group.  A committee has been tasked with coming up with appropriate funding for the 2018 groups.

** Please note we can no longer accept insurance due to the fluctuating nature of the issue at it exists and the current Congressional and Presidential opposition to mental health care.  

Regular Rate

The regular rate for the international therapy program is $5,750, which includes everything therapeutic.

Sliding Fee Scale Rates

The Sliding Fee Scale is available for participants in need of financial assistance. These rates cannot be used in conjunction with insurance. To be eligible for Sliding Fee Scale Rates, participant will sign a formal statement as to your financial status and submit previous year’s income tax filing return. Sliding Fee Scale Rates are based on annual family income.

Annual Family Income Program Cost
Over $125,000 $5,750
$100,000 - $124,999 $4,878
$75,000 - $99,999 $4,068
$50,000 - $74,999 $3,252
$25,000 - $49,999 $2,738
0 - $24,999 $2,395

Additional Costs

Registration/Application Fee $575.00

There is a Registration Fee of $575.00. The Registration Fee covers the pre-therapy that Dr. Richards provides before you come to Phoenix. This includes reviewing your application, phone communication, extensive pre-therapy email communication, and SAI support services. This fee is refunded if you are not accepted into the group after application review and phone diagnostic session, and if the group fails to come together on schedule. This fee is non-refundable if you choose to withdraw.


Prices vary depending upon the season. These prices are not confirmed until the hotel is arranged. For budgeting purposes, one can expect approximately $500 per week, based upon previous group accommodation.


You should estimate appropriately, according to your preferences and your group activities.

There will be no extra charges for the cognitive-behavioral material or the supplemental material you receive at SAI.

Payment Methods

The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express


It is highly recommended that you check with your insurance company FIRST. Many insurance companies do their best to avoid coverage of any kind for mental health care. If you have mental health care coverage, you may need to be persistent and assertive with your insurance company. With your permission, SAI may assist you by checking your insurance coverage. Your insurance company is legally obligated to supply you, the client, with more information about your coverage than it is obligated to disclose to SAI.

Dr. Richards is a licensed psychologist with a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) from an accredited institution (Arizona State University). Upon request, SAI will be glad to give you a “superbill”, or HCFA form, that you can send to your insurance company. Again, note they may have restrictions on programs like this.  You will need to pay your SAI program costs first.  Any remuneration received from your insurance company will be rebated to you, in accordance with the law.   Editorial comment:  Insurance regulation and dealing fairly with the public (you) is woefully lacking. This is perhaps the only program in the world that treats social anxiety disorder and can demonstrate positive results.  In any fair world, insurance companies should pay your fees.