Overcoming Social Anxiety


Personal Experiences in Overcoming Social Anxiety

These are messages from people who used the audio series "Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step," and they share how they made progress against social anxiety disorder.  (They are not messages from people who participated in the groups here at SAI.) 

How My Life Has Changed: Before & After Stories

Past group members detail how their life is different after therapy at The Social Anxiety Institute.  The before and after messages show how much progress can be made in a relatively short period of time if the person is internally motivated and will persist with the structured therapy.  Living without social anxiety is possible for anyone who wants to get better.  The main goal of the Social Anxiety Institute is to help people overcome social anxiety.  We have a large community of people here in San Diego who travel here for our programs. 

Comments from San Diego Social Anxiety Conference

Participants from the San Diego Conference on Social Anxiety Disorder write in about the conference, Dr. Richards' two day presentation,  and how it helped them understand how to get better and overcome social anxiety.  The San Diego Social Anxiety Conference was sponsored by the local San Diego group, Wendy Broadway was in charge.  Dr. Richards' spoke and demonstrated behavioral therapy for two full days.

Life Histories: SAI Group Members

Social Anxiety Institute group members detail how social anxiety affected them throughout their lives, and how using the active therapy at SAI helped them get better.  These are unsolicited messages, and the only changes made to their messages were to assure privacy and confidentiality.  The life changes they made as a result of overcoming social anxiety were phenomenal.