Top 10 List of

Things Social Anxiety Prevents

Social anxiety interferes with one's ability to do many things in life, from basic to advanced.  It can make us appear less proficient at tasks than we really are, and it can restrict our ability to open up to others emotionally.

It also keeps our focus on our anxiety, rather than on the tasks that are before us. It interferes with our feelings of self-worth and self-love, and causes us to "automatically" think lesser of ourselves, sometimes without us even being aware of it.

Here are the Top 10 Things Social Anxiety Prevents:

10. Finding a career we can enjoy

9. Making friends

8. Having a sense of belonging

7. Feeling ok to speak our minds

6. Ability to trust other people

5. Finding a girlfriend/boyfriend

4. Freedom to express our true personality

3. Stopping  racing, obsessive thoughts

2. Feeling peaceful and calm around others

1. Taking charge of life and doing what needs to be done

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