Life Histories


Up until grade 3, I had a pretty ordinary childhood. I am by nature introverted and a bit quiet. In my first school, I was a slow learner, and fell behind the other kids. At age 8, I went to elementary school (grades 3-6). 

Hello. My name is Jason and, yes, I have learned to deal with social anxiety.  Further, I believe I can say that today I do not fit the definition of social anxiety as defined in the DSM IV.  (Although there are times when I feel like I do.)  I believe that by taking the proper steps toward recovery, social anxiety will never have the hold over my life that it once did.

In the Process of Overcoming Social Anxiety

I started in the Social Anxiety Institute's behavioral/cognitive therapy group in January of 2005. It has helped me deal and overcome many problems I have had in my life, all stemming from my social anxiety. 

My Social Anxiety and How I Overcame It

Hello Everyone,

I remember thinking as a teen "how can I ever be a talkative person?  I have always been quiet and everyone expects me to be this way." 

One of my grade school teachers thought it would be cute to have code names for some of the students.