Dr. Richards,

I have sad but have been recently rationalizing my thoughts.

This may sound corny but one day when I was nervous, I overheard my brother singing the song (I can't remember who sings it but it goes like this) "Take it easy, take it easy, don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy".

Keeping this song in the back of my head has helped me so much. Every time I get nervous now, I think of this song and it really relieves tension. I know that my own anxiety is stemmed from WITHIN myself. Nobody is causing me to get nervous. I am causing myself to get nervous and sometimes for no apparent reason.

I also sometimes sing the song "Let it be" by John Lennon when I get nervous. Like I said it sounds corny, but try singing these songs to yourself. It has helped me and maybe it will help others as well.



Anna:  This is not corny in the least. The part of the brain that processes and understands singing is NOT the same part of the brain that processes and understands language and thinking.

Therefore, if you sing along to a positive song, the energy (i.e., sucrose) in your brain is directed to the "singing center" and it puts you in a better mood and also serves as a big help as you go through CBT therapy for social anxiety.

This distraction, and why it works, is explained thoroughly on session #2 of the audio series "Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step" as part of the process that helps us learn to deal with, reduce, and eliminate our automatic negative thinking.

This is a foolproof method to temporarily stop negative moods and does need to be done. This message will be very helpful, Anna, to anyone who takes your advice. Thank you.