From the Social Anxiety Institute Mailing List

Since I've first posted to this (Social Anxiety Mailing List) over a year ago, I've been through a lot of changes... I joined the Tampa SAD group and will continue with it until I have this beat. 

I've done a bunch of things that I couldn't do before. 

I stopped home schooling my daughter and put her into a good private school where she really wanted to go and she made honor roll despite my concerns that I may have fallen down on the job.

My cottage soap business is still growing, and I'm getting a lot more comfortable at interacting with customers over the phone or in person.

After 7 years of being a stay at home mom, I was offered a part time job in a Natural Food/Herbal Supplement store because I was in the right place at the right time and someone thought I could do the job. 

A reporter contacted me last week to interview me about my soap business. I debated not returning her call, but decided I just couldn't ignore what this could mean for my business and for me personally. I'm one of those people that is afraid that the Prize Patrol might show up unexpectedly. 

Anyhow, I invited her over for the interview. I think it went well.  She seemed very interested in what I said and was excited about watching me make a pot of soap and allowing her photographer to get shots of it. She makes soap as well on a hobby basis and it really helped to be able to communicate about something we both had in common. It was awkward at first when they arrived, but I concentrated on making them feel welcome and at home and tried to give them a good dose of Southern Hospitality. It seemed to help me feel at ease. 

I was so worried that I would blank out and not be able to give a good interview, but instead I babbled away. The article will not be out until the 14th and I am waiting with bated breath to see what she said and how the pictures came out.