Five Relaxation Messages


These have been available in CD format in the past, but we have switched to a  digital download now, which will save on costs for international customers.

All seven (7) audio files can be downloaded digitally.

In this audio zip file, you will find seven separate mp3 files.  One is an introduction to the relaxation process, two of them cover basic relaxation and calmness and the four others have specific themes that are geared to people with anxiety problems.  Downloading these digitally will allow you to buy and receive the audio files immediately. 

The "Five Relaxation Messages" is particularly helpful for people with panic disorder,  generalized anxiety disorder, and conditions like chronic worrying.  

Dr. Richards speaks in determined slow talk to help you relax naturally, and allow your stress and anxiety to be set free.  These are NOT therapy audio messages, nor are they hypnosis, EMDR, neurolinguistic, or religious/philosophical in nature.  These audio files serve as supplements to our cognitive-behavioral therapy programs for panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

The main idea is to become relaxed by listening to a message which is read calmly using slow talk.  The secondary goal is related to anxiety and addresses anxiety-related issues and themes.  The message is proactive, rational, and forward-moving.

Included on the audio files:

Relaxation (Calmness) Therapy
Audio one introduces you to calmness, peace, and relaxation, with the end goal being able to use this in real, practical situations. 

We do not want you to concentrate, pressure yourself, or try too hard. The best results are achieved by relaxing and letting go (there are gentle instructions for this) and by repetition. The more you listen to the message, and the more it enters your mind, the stronger effect it will have.

Bringing Your Peace into the Real World

Audio two tells you how to use a keyword or image to bring these feelings of peace and calmness into the everyday world -- one step at a time.  Again -- with no pressuring, no forced concentration, and no "trying". If the message  doesn't seem to work one day, put it aside until tomorrow.  It's no big deal.  If you keep this attitude, and continue listening to the message, you will be "reinforcing" your life with calmness, relaxation, and peace.

The Deserving Statements

Audio Three: The Deserving Statements are rational feelings everyone (including you) should believe concerning about themselves. You have the right to be happy, enjoy life, and stand up for yourself when necessary.  Many people with anxiety disorders do not FEEL this way. This message zeroes in on your feelings and is designed to help you think and feel stronger about yourself and your control over your life.

Letting Go of the Negative Past

Audio Four: Letting Go of the Negative Past is a calm, gentle way of beginning to release and let go of what may be bottled up inside you. We do not want you to go back and remember old negative events, however  - the message explains that we want to globally let our brain release and let go of negative emotional events from the past. This is a peaceful tape with attention focused on the present.

We may "remember" negative events from our past forever, but we can lose the emotional feeling attached to those actual events. This frees us up to live the life -- unrestricted by anxiety -- we want to live.

Moving into the Peace Zone

Audio Five:  Moving into the Peace Zone expands on how to grow and develop your feelings of peace, calmness, and confidence. This calmness and peace exists in your own brain (even though anxiety may hide it most of the time) and we can learn to let it grow and blossom. This peace and confidence is within yourself.  We will allow it to naturally come out, grow, and blossom.

Seeing The Present

Audio Six: Seeing The Present helps us to keep our mind focused on today, instead of on the doubts, anxieties, and fears of the past.  Learning to be calm and content in the present day insures that our future will also be happy.  Peace and calmness (your positive emotions) are stronger than your negative emotions, and the more you "grow" your peace and calmness, the more your anxiety grows smaller and smaller.

***These audio files are NOT recommended for people with social anxiety disorder.  See bottom of page for explanation, as portions of them are part of the social anxiety therapy series "Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step".

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For people with social anxiety disorder, a complete and comprehensive therapy series is currently available which will help you overcome social anxiety.

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