CBT Groups Operating

THE SOCIAL ANXIETY INSTITUTE in Phoenix, all-day Saturday CBT program:

Spring Group currently running.

We are enrolling new motivated members for SUMMER group:  Saturday, May 11th - August 10th, 2013.

For complete program details, click here.

INTERNATIONAL GROUP:  Monday, July 22nd - Saturday, August 10th, 2013.  (Saturdays included).  See the International Group page for details.


This listing is free for active, structured cognitive and behavioral groups that treat social anxiety. 

These are THERAPY groups, not just support groups.

Los Angeles area

Rich Preuit, M.A., LMFT is running several groups for people with social anxiety, from beginning groups to more advanced groups.  Contact him at  RichardAPreuit@att.net   

Rich is experienced in social anxiety therapy, has very active, structured, and friendly groups and he is doing a great job helping people overcome social anxiety. 

I continue to receive spontaneous and unsolicited e-mail from his therapy group members about how his groups change lives.

New Jersey

Contact Lisa at www.findyourvoicenj.org   There is contact information there, or feel free to e-mail me at lisa@findyourvoicenj.org  Our service area is currently southern NJ, but we are trying to expand.

Thanks very much,

Lisa Tate

Dublin, Ireland

Three of us who "graduated" from the international group at SAI in Phoenix decided to set up a proactive group for people who are currently working with the Audio Therapy Series.  Please come join us.  Detailed information at bottom of page.



Connecticut (Greater New Haven area)

CT group based on Dr. Richards' Program. Meeting time is Saturday a.m. from 9:30-12:30 in New Haven. Each session is around 20 weeks long. The next session will be forming in Spring 2013. Please email sagroup27@yahoo.com now if interested.

This is a very supportive group in a comfortable setting, with no pressure. The group has been running successfully for over 6 years with 2 sessions per year. There is no charge. Please join us on your journey to overcome social anxiety!



Note from Dr. Richards: I continue to hear great things about Marla's groups.

Syracuse, NY

CBT group now forming.  Contact Gina via email at ginad42@hotmail.com  or via phone/text at 484-250-2077.  Gina has attended the international group at The Social Anxiety Institute as well as Rich Preuit's group in Los Angeles.


Ongoing social phobia therapy groups offered in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts by Mark Sorensen, Ph.D. Dr. Sorensen can be reached at 617-965-6283 or by email at sorensentherapy@verizon.net.


New CBT group for Social Anxiety starting Saturdays.  For more information contact Mark Pfeffer, PARC, at (312) 642-7952 or e-mail at markpfeff4@gmail.com.  We use the CD series and workbook developed by Dr. Richards, Director of the Social Anxiety Institute.

Washington, DC

Two intensive, 20-week CBT groups for social anxiety: One therapy group will be primarily for the lesbian, gay and bi community. The other group is for any socially anxious adult.

For more information contact Larry Cohen, LICSW, at larrycohen@socialanxietyhelp.com or 202-244-0903.

CheshamSA, UK Social Anxiety Therapy Centre

The course is led by Peter N Ralph, BSc (Honours) Psychology who specialises in Social Anxiety Disorder and who teaches Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Counselling Studies at Adult Education Centres and Royal Holloway University of London.

Peter N Ralph, BSc (Honours) Psychology

Email: pr@peterralph.com 

Tel: 0800 206 1663


Currently we're running TWO CBT Groups for social anxiety here in southern Maine: one for TEENS and one for ADULTS. We run ours as "closed" groups, no new members until a cycle has completed. Members can then elect to continue or not, and we permit new members to join. Then we close the group for the next 6 to 8 week cycle. Anyone interested in joining would need both an intake assessment and then a few individual sessions to prep you for joining the group, so we'd like to hear from you soon.  

Gordon Street, PhD

gpstreet@anxietysolutions.net or



We have a new Social Anxiety Therapy Group run on a weekday evening near the city centre.

Our group is based on the SAI audio therapy CD series. Our motive is to provide as proactive and as friendly and helpful a group which will allow people to fulfill the behavioural side of CBT.  It is important that the ground work is done by completing the SAI CD series.

We also do some video work which we have found very beneficial in allowing people to see their performance and progress behind it.  It not as scary as it may sound!!  People who have attended the group have reported back very positive things and are looking forward to subsequent groups.

We can be contacted at: overcomesa@gmail.com