You Are Not Inferior to Others

Fri, 03/08/2013 - 14:02 -- tim henry

People with social anxiety usually feel "less than" or inferior to others.  This is not rationally true, so please do not believe this anymore.  Notice things you do well and give yourself credit for them.  Talk to yourself and tell your brain what you have done.  Always talk to your brain, so that it will start working for you.  It is the brain, with your daily talk and encouragement, that will help you feel what is true.  You are not inferior to anyone.  You are just as important as anyone else.  

A previous group member once had trouble believing he was just as good as anyone else.  There was a meetup group he really wanted to attend but avoided it because he didn't think he was "cool enough" to hang out with the people who went there.  One day, after going through the therapy and getting himself calmed down, he went to that meetup with a friend.  Even though he was anxious talking to some of the people there, he realized that they were really no different from him.  Due to irrational thinking and ANTs lies, he had wrongly believed that others were better than him.  

Give yourself credit.  Talk to your brain.  I am not inferior to anyone.  I am just as important as anyone else.