Thu, 03/07/2013 - 14:24 -- tim henry

Worry is always the wrong path.  Worry never changes a thing.  It never makes anything better.  It is incapable of telling you the truth.  It can only make you depressed.  Instead, be proactive.  Do something that is not overwhelming but still moving you in the right direction.  Only take one step at a time, though, please do not flood yourself with anxiety.  

Worry is always the wrong choice.  There is no value of any kind in worrying.  Worrying is an ANT (automatic negative thought).  Catch it, label it for what it is, and stop it.  Get proactive so that you can be on the road to permanently and automatically stopping it -- by gently taking charge of your choices, your decisions, and your life.  There is no solution in worry.  There is only negativism and defeat.   

ANTs love it when you worry.  If you continue to believe their lies, they will have you stuck forever in your anxiety and depression.  It is time to stop listening to and believing their negative thoughts.  You might have some ANT-stopping to do today!