Do You Have the Right to Beat Yourself Up? Or Should You Accept Yourself?

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 15:19 -- tim henry

You never have the right to beat yourself up or tear yourself down.  This needs to be written in stone inside the brain of everyone with social anxiety.  Since you are prone, because of habit, to beat yourself up everytime something doesn't go according to plan, you need a constant reminder that beating yourself up and comparing yourself to other people is always the wrong thing to do.  

Beating yourself up never makes you better, never gets you closer to overcoming social anxiety, and never lets you feel good about yourself.  Beating yourself up is always the wrong thing to do and it always leads to (temporary) disaster.  Why do you keep choosing to be down and depressed, to feel hopeless and helpless?

Please get out of this ANTs trap.  Beating yourself up never does any good.  It always means you are off-track and are wasting time throwing pity parties for yourself.  Battling, fighting, arguing, and tearing yourself down doesn't make you any better.  Don't do it. 

All the time you spend beating yourself up is depressive and it wastes time.  Get proactive and accept yourself so that you can begin to make progress against social anxiety disorder.    Getting active, exercising, singing, or any other form of physical activity will help you to get rational with yourself. 

When you get rational, you will stop beating yourself up, and be ready to gently move forward.  Sit back, relax, and just accept yourself for who you are right now.  You don't have to earn acceptance.  It's something every human being deserves to feel.  The people around you can accept you, so why do you have such a hard time accepting yourself?

Anxiety likes to fool us and prove to us we're no good.  It's our job to see through these lies and realize we do deserve to accept ourselves, and this is the only way we can make forward progress.  As I accept myself, I allow myself to make progress against social anxiety and move on with my life. 

Accept yourself instead of beating yourself up.  Accepting yourself for who you are today involves no struggle, no battle, no pressure.  Acceptance is free and you do not have to do anything to earn it.  Accept acceptance.  You deserve to like and respect yourself, even though you have problems (every human being has problems).  Accepting yourself will prevent you from beating yourself up.

Acceptance is a foundational step in overcoming social anxiety disorder.   You must accept yourself first before you can begin to make progress and overcome social anxiety.   You are accepting yourself for who you are today -- with the knowledge that by being proactive, you are getting better, making progress, and eventually overcoming social anxiety disorder.  

Accepting yourself changes your life.

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