Permanent Changes in the Brain and Rational Credit

Fri, 02/22/2013 - 14:14 -- tim henry

As we learn to catch and stop automatic negative thinking we do need to label those thoughts for what they are-- irrational bullying liars-- and then to peaceably move in a different direction.  No fighting, no battling, no negative emotions will help us overcome social anxiety.  Tell your brain the rational truth about old beliefs and thoughts, and then pat yourself on the back for doing it, as you gently and peaceably move forward and do something else.  Any therapy that truly works for social anxiety must be rooted in your good, positive emotions.  We are only concerned with making permanent changes in our brain, so that our "recovery" is permanent also.  

It may sound silly, but physically patting yourself on the back is an important part of the process of getting better.  By patting yourself on the back you are consciously reminding your brain that you did something proactive and are giving yourself rational credit.  Remember to always give yourself rational credit for anything you have done to get over social anxiety, even the smallest of achievements you don't think matter that much!