Don't Let Emotions Overpower You

Wed, 02/27/2013 - 14:09 -- tim henry

‎"Getting in touch with your emotions" is not a good strategy for overcoming social anxiety.  Our solution lies in becoming more rational and understanding what is accurate and what is irrational.  Emotions can be bigger stumbling blocks to us than thoughts and they frequently tear us down and disable our lives.  Emotions are liars when it comes to getting over social anxiety.  Some people with SA might feel like wallowing in self-pity and staying in bed when, in reality, they would feel better if they got up and used some form of distraction which is outlined in the audio therapy series.  Getting out of bed might seem very challenging but the end result is much more satisfying than staying in bed and letting your emotions run wild.  The latter would only cause a downward spiral of negativity that in the end, is harder to break free from.  

A life controlled by emotions will be messy, tempestuous, and unproductive.  More importantly, social anxiety cannot be overcome if we give in to our negative emotions.  We need to see, understand, reinforce, and act on what is true.