Anxiety is a Liar

Mon, 03/11/2013 - 15:57 -- tim henry

Anxiety is a notorious liar and enjoys nothing more than tricking you and making you feel fearful, even when you have no reason to be.  We must learn what is rational and continue to reinforce and begin to believe it.  Only what is rational is true.

The nerve cells in our brains change all the time and, as we pay attention to and reinforce rational beliefs and feelings, our nerve cells grow and form pathways filled with these rational beliefs.

Anxiety tries to trick us at every turn.  Anxiety is an emotion and if it can grab your emotions before you get rational, it can take you on a nightmarish emotional roller coaster.  You can learn not to go along with anxiety, however.  The more rational you become, by going over this repeatedly in therapy and everyday at home, the less likely it is that anxiety can take control.  You may seesaw back and forth a while until you can see clearly that anxiety is lying to you, and when you give into it, you are dooming yourself to hours of misery.  

These concepts are covered more in depth in the audio therapy.